Google Website Optimizer

a. Here are several articles on Google Website Optimizer. b. Check out the Google Website Optimizer YouTube page here.   CLICK HERE to sign up for your BigCommerce account.

Create a free Google Website Optimizer account, integrate it with your store and start running tests to see if changes to your “Add to Cart” button, single page VS multi page checkout etc., improve your conversions


a. Click here to sign up for a free MailChimp account. b. In a few simple steps you can integrate MailChimp with BigCommerce. Here is an article and video that will guide you through this simple process. c. Check out the MailChimp Academy for additional training videos on this powerful email campaign[...]

Create a free MailChimp account and integrate it with your store so you can collect newsletter subscribers and save customers to your email list

Exchange Links

a. Article on Building Deep Links into E-Commerce Product Pages. b. 9 Ways to Build links for an E-commerce Store. Read more here. c. You can also share your products RSS feeds with places automatically. Ex: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, wordpress blogs, etc. You can automate this process with free services like Hootsuite[...]

Contact 10-20 websites who write/blog about products similar to what you sell and offer to exchange links with them

Contact Us

a. BigCommerce has a simple contact form that can be applied to a web page. b. In addition to that you can embed the google maps code within the description. c. If you require a more custom contact form then we have an article on how to use a free service[...]

Setup a “Contact Us” page with your phone number, map to your store (if applicable), address and a feedback form