Make sure your product pages are filled out completely

Product Page

It is important when selling custom products online to show as much detail as possible. This is most effectively done with at least one high resolution image, and other additional content.
a. Make sure to have a full product description for each product.
b. Make sure that your product pages have at least on large high quality photo. With the BigCommerce software we make it easy to add multiple images to your product page(s). Each image will be displayed on the product page and showcased with our SuperZoom tool in order to show the highest detail.
c. A great selling point would be to have a video of the product in action. This can be done in several easy steps shown here.
d. Empower your customers to both comment and share your products with social commenting. We offer this with both Disqus, and IntenseDebateHere is a video on enabling these for your BigCommerce products.


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